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Pole Construction For Low Cost Outdoor Storage

Figure 16: Trusses On a large, flat surface, lay two sheets of roof sheathing end-to-end and tack them together with scrap. Draw a full-size outline of the truss on the plywood. Use a sliding T-Bevel to transfer angles from this pattern to the stock. Next, make a prototype truss.
Reinforcing gussets can be made from 3/8” or 1/2” thick plywood and pad sawed to shape (See Fig. 1) all at once on your Bandsaw. Nail the gussets to both sides of your prototype truss. Use the prototype truss as a pattern for the other eight trusses. Except for the end trusses, gussets are nailed to both sides of the trusses. Nail gussets to just one side of the end trusses, since siding will be attached to the outsides.

7: Installing The Trusses Position the first truss plumb and brace it into position. Using 80d nails, attach the truss to the top late. NOTE: Drill pilot holes first to prevent thee long nails from drifting as you drive them.Mount a truss to the opposite end of your structure and attach 2 x 4’s to span the two trusses. Locate he remaining trusses on 24-inch centers (See Fig. 2).

8: Roof Sheathing Construct two small gauge blocks – one equal to the combined thickness of the siding and gable trim…and a second equal to the thickness of the fascia. These guides help to position the sheathing. Nail the sheathing in place

9: Roofing Cover the sheathing with a layer of felt paper. Overlap the paper 4” and staple it into position. Install the drip edge over the paper and attach it with nails. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for shingle installation.

10: Nailing Girts Install the girts using 30d nails. If windows are desired, space nailing girts around the rough opening.

Figure 311: Soffits Cut the soffit to fit. Then cut a 6” vent hole between each of the truss locations. Staple window screening over theses holes and install the soffits to the underside of the trusses (See Fig. 3).










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