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Hands On

September/October 2000
The Grandfather Clock -- Part 1
Gumball Machine
The Dancin' Duck Puppet
Frame & Raised Panel Construction
Safety, A Matter of Respect

November/December 2000
The Grandfather Clock -- Part 2
Toy Crane
Build a Chess Set
Six Easy Steps to Squaring a Board
Dust Collection--It Shouldn't Be An Option!

January/February 2001
The Grandfather Clock -- Part 3
The Porch Swing
The Kite String Winder
Vertical Drill Press Set-ups
Drill Press & Horizontal Boring Tips

March/April 2001
Roll Around Barbeque Cart
Patio/Deck Table
The Pecking Chickens
Wood Storage Tips
Troubleshooting Worktable & Carriage Problems

May/June 2001
Curio Cabinet
Pot-Holding Garden Planter
Kitchen Pasta Tools
Gluing-Up Tips
Table Saw Service Pointers

July/August 2001
Butcher Block/Microwave Oven Table
Gourmet Bird Feeder
Recipe Box and Interlocking Play Logs
All About Saw Blades
Band Saw Service Pointers

September/October 2001
Colonial Dry Sink
Hanging Wall Desk
Child's Pounding Bench and
A Wooden Toy Top
Finishing Touches - Pt.1
Table Saw Safety
Jointer Service Pointers

November/December 2001
Rocking Horse
Child's Chalkboard
Wine Rack and Desktop Bookshelf
Finishing Touches - Pt.2
Using Extension Cords
MARK V Worktable & Carriage Troubleshooting

January/February 2002
9-Drawer Workshop Toolbox
Child's Desk and Chairs
Candle Sconce and Desktop Pencil Holder
Finishing Touches - Pt.3
Safety is Your Decision
Disc Sander Troubleshooting

March/April 2002
The Garden Bench
Wren and Blue Jay Bird Houses
Tapered Planter Box
Finishing Touches - Pt.4
Ladder Safety
Disc Sander Service Pointers

May/June 2002
The Tall Bookshelf
The Folding Party Tray
The Mug Holder Shelf and Baseball Equipment Holder
Finishing Touches - Pt.5
Workshop Fire Safety
Lathe Tailstock & Tool Rest Service Pointers

July/Aug 2002
The Four-Poster Bed
The Sunshade Sandbox
The Secret Compartment Paper Towel Holder
Finishing Touches - Pt.6
Safety Dos and Dont's
Keep Your Thickness Planer Running Smoothly Service Pointers

Nov/Dec 2002
The Toy Train
The Cold Frame
The Toy Puzzles & Kitchen Helpers
Using the Shopsmith Mortising Attachment to Drill Square Holes
Using the Shopsmith Safety Kit
MARK V Wedge Locks & Way Tubes Service Pointers

Nov/Dec 2002
The Pembroke Table
The Cheval Mirror
The Child's Sled and Climbing Bear
Scrap Wood Secrets
Horizontal Boring Machine Setup and Safety
RUST - The degeneration of tools & how to deal with it

Jan/Feb 2003
The Classic Rolltop Desk - Pt. 1
16-Drawer Apothecary Chest
First Class Letter Box
Should you have a Thickness Planer in your shop?
MARK V Service Pointer
Hearing Protection

Mar/Apr 2003
The Classic Rolltop Desk - Pt. 2
Keyed Corner Jewelry Box
Colonial Spice Cabinet
Basic Techniques for Faceplate Turning
MARK V Quill Feed Maintanence
12 Valuable Lathe Safety Tips

May/June 2003
The Wall-Hung Curio Cabinet
Mobile Potting Table
Pencil and Stamp Holder
Furniture Joinery
MARK V Speed Change Mechanism
Safety Do's and Dont's

July/August 2003
The Knock-Down & Store-Away Table
Home Shop Workbench
Rolling Pin & Dried Flower Vase
Clean Cuts - Pt. 1
Bandsaw Service Pointers
Horizontal Boring Safety

September/October 2003
The Queen Anne Living Room Tables
Covered Wagon Toy Box
Tilting Shelf Sewing Thread Holder
Clean Cuts - Pt.2
MARK V Miter Gauge Service Pointers
Safety First!

November/December 2003
California Dream Toys
The Mantel Clock
Christmas Tree Ornaments
Clean Cuts - Pt.3
MARK V Saw Guards
Proper Workshop Lighting

January/February 2004
Designing, Remodeling & Creating a New Kitchen Pt. 1
The Wooden Utensil Rack & Knife Block/Cutting Board
The Gallery Rail Paper-Towel Holder
Clean Cuts - Pt.4
Keeping Your MARK V Running Smoothly
Router Safety

March/April 2004
Strip Laminate Bending
The Turned Hall Tree
Two Great Kitchen Gift Items
Clean Cuts - Pt.5
Troubleshooting the Shopsmith Lathe Duplicator
Safety Cans for Flammable Liquids

May/June 2004
Hanging Glass Door Cabinets
Outdoor Duckboards
Adjustable Plant Shelf
The Ins and Outs of Using Woodturning Chisels
Shopsmith Jigsaw Troubleshooting
All about Respirators and Dust Masks

July/Aug 2004
Antique Quilt Display Rack
Heart-Shaped Display Stand
Duck Napkin Holder
Hardwood Information You Should Know - Pt 1
MARK V Alignment
New Woodworking Glues
Safety Lessons I've Learned

September/October 2004
Living Room Sofa Table
Hob Hill Cable Car
Two Shelf Telephone Stand/Side Table
Hardwood Information You Should Know - Pt 2
Disc Sander Service Pointers
Stepped Dowels
Safety Lessons I've Learned

November/December 2004
Poor Mans Hall Butler
Holiday Hurrican Lamp
Old-Fashioned Toy Cars
Hardwood Information You Should Know - Pt 3
MARK V Rip Fence
Safety Lessons I've Learned

January/February 2005
A Gift For Your Kitchen
Outdoor Deck Chair
Bandsaw Boxes
Hardwood Information You Should Know - Pt 4
MARK V Vertical Drill Press & Horizontal Boring Machine
Safety Lessons I've Learned

March/April 2005
The Sheltered Swing
Turn-Of-The-Century Medicine Cabinet
Puzzle Power
Basic Joinery - The Mortise-And-Tenon
MARK Vas a Table Saw
Safety Lessons I've Learned

May/June 2005
The English Flip-Top Chair-Table
Oval Magazine Rack
Laminated Wooden Domino Set
Joinery - Solving the Puzzle
MARK Vas a Table Saw

July/ Aug 2005
The Heirloom Cradle
The Spirit of St. Louis Airplane
Making All Purpose Wooden Boxes
Properties of Cabinet Lumber
Bandsaw Service Pointers

September/October 2005
The 9-Drawer Tabletop Storage Chest
The Flying Tiger Toy Airplane
Verticle Paper Towel Holder and Bread-Shaped Cutting & Cheese Boards
Disc Sanding Tips
Jointer Service Pointers

Nov/Dec 2005
Pendulum Cradle
Candle Stand
Pull-Along Dog / Salt and Pepper Shakers

Jan/Feb 06
Adjustable Shelf Bookcase
The Nesting Tables
The lantern holder and toy top
Making picture frames

March/Apr 06
Porch railings and spindles
Heart shaped three tier stand
Oval Picture Frame with Router Arm
Spindle Turning on the MARK V

May/June 06
The entrance to your home
Rotating Bench-top Storage Unit
The Kite String Winder
How to read woodgrain

July/Aug 06
The Gateleg Table plan
The All American Picnic Table
Slanted Gourmet Knife Block
Drawer Construction Tips

Sept/Oct 06 - March/April 07