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The 9-Drawer Tabletop Storage Chest

Nine drawers of storage plus a roomy top bin give you plenty of space for tools,
collectibles, sewing supplies or whatever !

You can never have too much organized storage space for your “stuff”…whatever that may be.
And, whether you’re planning to store tools, craft supplies, collectibles or other personal “treasures”, this Chest could be just what you’ve been looking for…for three great reasons.

First, it’s easy to build. No fancy cuts or complicated joinery here. Made entirely of straight cuts plus a few dadoes and rabbets, everything butts together, providing an excellent exercise in the importance of making accurate cuts.

Secondly, this project goes together FAST. Simple joinery and ready-made plastic drawers  cut your production times way down so even a beginning woodworker should be able to build this project in a single weekend.

And finally, the top compartment is lockable so, you’ll be able to protect your valuable "stuff" from prying eyes and little hands.

We built ours from poplar, but you could just as easily make it from any hardwood…or even veneered plywoods, if you like. If you choose the latter, your dimensions will, of course, have to be adjusted to accommodate solid hardwood edge banding or veneer-type edging tapes.

Our plans call for 8” sized drawers which are available in 12-packs (all same color).  Drawer dividers are also available.


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