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The Two-Shelf Telephone Stand/Side Table

1. Cut all stock to size, according to the Bill of Materials.

2. Use your MARK V Router Package or a Router Table with a 3/8" Dovetail Bit to cut the four 3/8" stopped dovetail grooves (11-3/8" long) in Sides (A) as shown in Fig. 1. Be sure to start both dovetail grooves at the rear of the Sides (A).

3. Cut the matching four dovetails on the ends of the Shelves (B) as shown in Fig. 2.

4. Using a Router set-up with a 3/8" Round-Over Bit, round over the front edges of the Shelves (B).

5. Using your Bandsaw or Scroll Saw, round off the tops of the Sides (A) and cut out the openings at the bottoms (that form the legs). Use Your Drum Sander to smooth the inside edges.

6. Drill starter holes in Sides (A) at their tops where the decorative areas are to be cut out (See Fig. 1). Use your Scroll saw to cut out the openings.

7. Cut the decorative edge on the fronts of the Shelf Facings (C). We used a Shaper Set-up with a Bead & Bevel Cutter (See Fig. 3).

8. Assemble the Shelves (B) to the Sides (A) using the dovetails, glue and some clamps. Wipe away any excess glue immediately with a damp cloth.

9. Install the Shelf Facings (C) and the Bottom Shelf Back (D) with glue and clamps. NOTE: The two Shelf Facings (C) should be attached flush with the fronts of the Shelves (B).

10. Finish with a stain of your choice.

Suggested retail price: $25 to $80 each, depending on woods used, design and finish.

Bill of Materials

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Assembly Drawings

Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3

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