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Service Pointers
MARK V Saw Guards

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The upper and lower Saw Guard System on the Shopsmith MARK V should be considered to be just as important as the Machine's motor. Proper maintenance of this System will provide years of safe, trouble-free operation.

After every five hours of running time, you should brush off and blow away all the sawdust that accumulates in the Saw Guards. The Upper Guard, for example, has a plastic insert toward the front, where most of the sawdust builds up. This Guard is easily removed, cleaned and reinstalled. Dissolve any impacted sawdust with mineral spirits or turpentine. Do not use lacquer thinner or acetone. These products will dissolve plastic parts, causing distortion and cloudiness.

After every ten hours of running time, wax and buff the splitter on the Upper Guard. Check that the anti-kickback fingers and spring-loaded Lower Guard operate smoothly. If either of these seems stiff, apply powdered graphite to the springs.

WARNING: Unplug the Machine before performing any of these maintenance operations.

Problem Possible Cause(s) Remedy
Wood hits or binds on Splitter

Splitter not properly aligned

Splitter bent

Realign Splitter

Replace Splitter

Upper Guard hits Saw Blade

Guard not properly aligned

Realign Guard

Upper Guard hard to mount

Foreign material in mounting slots

Table tilted

Clean slot with mineral spirits or turpentine

Set table at "0"

Upper Guard cloudy Impacted sawdust on guard Remove insert and clean with mineral spirits or turpentine
Anti-Kickback Fingers don't grab the wood

Springs broken

Anti-Kickback Teeth dull

Repalce springs

Sharpen teeth with file

Lower Guard binds or sticks

Rods need lubrication

Foreign material in Guard

Lubricate rods with powdered graphite

Clean Guard

Screws that hold Shield in place are hard to turn

Screws cross-threaded

Screws turned-in too far

Rethread screws

Back out screws slightly