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Three Great New Shopsmith
Accessories for Your MARK V

Planer/Jointer Knife Sharpener works with your Shopsmith Conical Sanding Disc to deliver precision ground edges
Nicked or dull planer or jointer knives can ruin the appearance and fit of your project components. Now, you can precision grind your own Shopsmith Planer or Jointer Knives with this special jig.
Just clamp your knives into the self-aligning jig, grasp the two large handles and use your Shopsmith Conical Sanding Disc to sharpen them to a keen edge. Special nylon glides on the back and bottom edges ensure smooth travel over the tabletop and against the rip fence. A simple, fail-safe sharpening system.
Step-by-step instructions included.


Fence Light Kit lets you mount your Shopsmith Utility Light exactly where you need it
This special Kit includes a Shopsmith Utility Light and a special bracket for mounting it quickly to the T-Track on the top of your MARK V’s  Rip Fence -- or the T-Slots in your worktable surface (Models 510 or 520 only).  Can also be used with later model Shopsmith Bandsaws & Bandsaw Fences and the Shopsmith MARK V Router Table Kit. Just slide the bracket into position and lock with a quick twist to hold and aim your Utility Light exactly where you need it.


Shopsmith’s new Flip-Up Rip Fence Stop delivers precision repeatability for a variety of operations
The perfect accessory for creating multiple stopped dadoes, grooves, molding or bandsaw cuts. Also great for repetitive drilling and routing operations.
The 24-inch aluminum Extension Rail attaches to the top of the Rip Fence on your MARK V (Models 510 & 520 and later Model 500’s), or the optional fence for later model Shopsmith Bandsaws. Just slide into position and lock with a quick twist of a knob. Twin washers hold the Rail parallel with the Fence when it’s extended beyond the Fence end.
The special flip-up Stop slides into this Rail and locks with a knob. The Stops can be adjusted up to 32-inches from the center of the worktable on a MARK V Model 510 (31-inches on a Model 520). Fits on later Model 500’s with T-Slot on top.
Flip down to act as a stop…or up, out of the way, when not needed. Flippers are reversible to work on either side of the Fence. You can order extra Flippers so you can have multiple stops.

Read all about these handy stands
in Shopsmith’s On-Line
MARK V Accessory Catalog