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Feature Articles and Woodworking Project Plans You'll Find Inside

The Entrance To Your Home
A step-by-step explanation of how to build an exterior door. This handsome 6-panel hardwood door will make a grand entrance to any home

Your front door may very well be the most noticed element of your home. In line with that, we feel that this project will not only build your confidence in taking on more advanced woodworking projects, but will also give you years of pride and satisfaction.


Here’s a great, space-saving place for hardware, parts and more
Its 19-1/4” square footprint packs a lot of workshop “stuff” into a small space – and you don’t even have to build the drawers !
We all have loads of hardware and small parts that we’d like to have nearby for when we’re
working on our projects. Ideally, they should be on or very near our assembly bench…but we seldom have the space to accommodate such storage. Boy, do we have an answer for you !

A great project with high Summertime appeal
Here’s the perfect Winder for hours of kite-flying fun

Look up in the sky on a windy Spring or Summer afternoon and you could find it polka-dotted
with colorful kites. And down on the ground, you’ll see plenty of kids (and adults) struggling with clumsy kite string winders…or, worse yet…loose strings.


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