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Service Pointers
The Table Saw - Rip Fence, Miter Gauge & Extension Table

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Here is a listing of the most common problems encountered by users of the Shopsmith Drill Press and Horizontal Boring Machine functions . . . along with their causes and recommended solutions.  If you are encountering any of these problems, chances are, your solution is right here.
If you have tried these remedies and they didn’t work…or if you’re experiencing difficulties that are not listed here, feel free to call Shopsmith’s TOLL-FREE Technical Services Hotline (1-800-762-7555) for the answer or send an e-mail to “ASK SMITTY”.


Possible Cause


Miter Gauge
Miter Gauge binds in slots

Miter Gauge
Taper screw in bar tightened
too far.
Miter Gauge bar bent.
Work table warped.
Burrs in table  slots.
Table slots clogged with foreign

Miter Gauge
Back out the taper screw.
Replace bar.
Replace work table.
Use file to remove burs.
Clean and wax table slots.

Miter Gauge rocks side-to-side

Nylon glide plugs improperly adjusted

Adjust plugs

Wood rocks on Miter Gauge face

Miter Gauge face warped

Replace Miter Gauge face

Miter Gauge does not cut indicated angle

Stops improperly adjusted
Vernier plate improperly adjusted
Miter Gauge face warped
Wood not held firmly against
Miter Gauge

Stops improperly adjusted
Vernier plate improperly adjusted
Miter Gauge face warped
Wood not held firmly against
Miter Gauge

Safety Grip marks on stock

Too much pressure
Rivet holding pad on lock
stud assembly sticks out
Burr on pad

Don’t squeeze so hard
Tap rivet in with hammer
Remove burr with fine file

Rip Fence
Rip Fence won’t lock in place

Miter Gauge
Back and/or front latch broken
Threads of lock rod stripped

Miter Gauge
Replace back and/or front latch
Replace lock rod

Rip Fence won’t line up properly

Rip fence improperly aligned
Excessive pressure on fence
during cut
Fence base locking bolts loose
Setscrews in fence base rubbing
against table

Align Rip Fence
Use less pressure
Tighten bolts
Back out setscrews

Rip Fence cannot be offset

No setscrews in fence base
Foreign material on rip fence
and/or table

Replace setscrews
Clean rip fence and/or table

Rip Fence aligns with one table slot, but not the other

Rip fence bowed
Table bar improperly aligned
Bar on front of table loose

Replace fence casting
Align bar
Tighten bolts that hold bar
to table

Wood rocks on Rip Fence

Rip fence bowed
Wood bowed

Replace fence casting
Square your wood

Saw blade, Dado or Molder cuts into Rip Fence

Improper setup

Reset rip fence. Bolt wooden extension fence to rip fence.

Rip Fence won’t disengage easily

Spring on lock rod broken

Replace spring

Extension Table
Extension Table not level with work table

Miter Gauge
Extension table offset slightly

Miter Gauge
Loosen bolts holding extension table to base and insert shims, as needed

Extension table difficult to mount

Accessory mount handle
blocking holes
Tubes dirty
Burrs in holes or on tubes
Tubes bent or pinched
Tubes bowed in or out

Loosen handle
Clean and lubricate tubes
Remove burrs with fine file
or emery paper
Replace base assembly
Try to bend tubes slightly. If
this doesn’t work, replace
base assembly