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Ask Smitty No woodworker (except SMITTY, of course) has ALL the answers. From time-to-time, everyone hits a snag, trying to figure out some sort of in-shop problem.
Don't worry, SMITTY can help. Just use the
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Here are the questions . . . and SMITTY’S answers for this issue!

If you're having a problem setting-up, aligning or maintaining your Shopsmith equipment, you should contact Shopsmith's Technical Support Staff (NOT Smitty).
Call TOLL-FREE, 1-800-762-7555 during normal business hours to speak directly with a Shopsmith Technical Support Representative.

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Trouble Scroll Saw table movement
From Mark Manly via email:
I have recently purchased a Shopsmith MARK V-Mount Scroll Saw and am having a problem with the worktable moving a slight amount during use. Can you help?

The two most probable solutions for your problem lie in the area of lose fasteners. Either the tilt locks are not tightened adequately or the trunion screws are loose. In either case, simply tighten one or both. Another possibility is that the trunion on your machine is not seating properly in the trunion base. To remedy this, loosen the front tilt lock, push down on the work table and tighten the trunion lock knob.


Currently available accessories for Model 10-ER machines
From Quin Leach via email:
Is there a list of currently-available Shopsmith MARK V accessories that will work on the earlier Model 10-E and 10-ER machines? I'm particularly interested in the Mortising Attachment.

I'm afraid that the currently available Mortising Attachment won't work on Model 10-E or 10-ER machines. However, there is good news. Most of the spindle-mounted MARK V accessories will work with these earlier machines (except the 10" Saw Blades...10-E and 10-ER machines were made for smaller blades).

If you have a question about a particular accessory, just call Shopsmith's TOLL-FREE number and ask one of our representatives before ordering.


What is “galling”?
From Robert C., via email:
I have often heard the term “galling” used by experts when they discuss cleaning the surface of metal parts. Just what exactly is “galling”?

“Galling” is the break-down (or build-up) of a metal surface, caused by excessive friction between two mating parts that move past, within, or over one another. During this movement, particles from one or both of the parts are torn loose and then either welded to the other part or balled-up onto the other. This occurs most frequently when one part is made of a softer material than the other.

A piece of fine emery cloth or a single-cut mill file is normally used to eliminate the effects of “galling”. To prevent the reoccurrence of “galling” coat the mating part surfaces with paste wax, oil (only if not exposed to sawdust), one of the special, spray-on metal surface coatings such as Dri-Cote® or Top-Cote®. These products have been specially-formulated to lubricate mating metal parts and provide a protective shield that will prevent corrosion and the build-up of wood resins on metal surfaces .

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