The Heart-Shaped, 3-Tier Stand
A simple, timeless design that easily fits right in with practically any room décor!

Here’s the perfect addition for almost any room in your home. This attractive, 3-tier Stand with
its heart-shaped shelves is ideal for a multitude of uses. A nightstand in the bedroom…telephone stand in the kitchen…plant or display stand in the family or living room. The list goes on.
We’re sure that once you build one for yourself and discover how easy and quick it is to make, you’ll want to build them for all your special friends and relatives. We cut out our shelves on the Bandsaw. However, depending on how many Stands you want to build, the Shopsmith Overarm Pin Router could make fast, easy work of cutting out and shaping the edges of the shelves.
Our example is made of cherry.
1: Joint and glue-up sufficient stock to make the three Shelves (A). Use Bar Clamps to ensure a
tight fit and be sure to allow at least 24 hours for the glue to dry properly before proceeding.
2: Once the glue has dried thoroughly, examine the stock carefully and use a Hand Scraper to remove any glue squeeze-out. Then run the stock through the Thickness Planer to bring everything to a 3/4" thickness.
3: Lay out one of the heart shapes on one end of your shelf stock…then rough-cut the three
Shelf blanks off your 40” long piece of stock (See Fig. 1)
4: Stack the three Shelf blanks on top of one another with a couple of lengths of double stick
between each Shelf in the stack (be sure the blank with the pattern on it is on top.)
5: Use your Bandsaw with the pad sawing technique to cut out all three heart-shaped Shelves at
6: While the Shelves are still taped together, set-up your MARK V to in the Disc Sander mode
and sand the 1-5/8” wide flat surfaces at the three indicated points (See Fig. 2).

7: Cut the Legs (B) to size.
8: Following the dimensions in Figure 3,
cut the 3/4” wide x 1/4” deep dadoes in the Legs (B)
9: Using a Shaper or Router set-up, round over the edges of the Shelves (A) and Legs (B) being careful not to round over in the areas where the Shelves and Legs attach to each other.
10: Counterbore 3/8” diameter x 1/4”deep holes in the outside of the Legs (B), centered over the
dadoes (See Fig. 3), then drill through their centers for the screw bodies.
11: Assemble the Stand as shown in Fig. 4 using 1-1/2” x #6 wood screws. Cover the screw
heads with 3/8” screw plugs or buttons.
12: Finish to suit your décor.


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