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Volume 47/Issue 2

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Two Great Kitchen Gift Items

Pencil and Stamp Holder The Kitchen Slide Rule

Here's a handy kitchen aid that will allow even a beginner chef to alter recipes instantaneously for more or less servings. It's also great when you need to adjust a recipe because you have a limited amount of one or more ingredients - two eggs instead of three, for example.

This easy-to-make slide rule Calculator is a project that's perfect for your MARK V Routing Package. We've included a full-size scale that you can print, cut out and attach to both parts of the 10" long rule. If you prefer, you can just as easily perform the same operations on a single 41" long piece of stock and end up with four Calculators at a time! Here's how:

Start by preparing enough 1" x 1-1/2" clear stock (Maple, Poplar, Cherry, it's your choice) to make the number of Calculators you want. Joint or sand all edges smooth. Be sure to prepare some matching scrap pieces for set-up and test cuts.

Set up your MARK V in Drill Press mode and install the Router Chuck. Use a 1/4" Straight Router Bit to cut a 1-1/2" deep groove down the center of the bottom half of your test stock. Be sure to use Feather Boards and a Push Stick to control your stock safely and keep your hands out of harm's way while making these cuts. If everything works out, change to your "real" project stock and proceed.

Switch to the Dovetail Router Bit and rout out the dovetail slot. Next, rout the dovetail tongue. Set everything up to make your cuts with the stock between the Router Bit and the Rip Fence and always feed the stock from right-to-left, AGAINST the rotation of the bit. As with the previous step, start with your test stock before making any cuts on your “real” stock.

Check the fit of the slide. If it's too loose, you could insert a bullet catch* to provide the added tension you need. Finally, glue on the scale, allow it to dry and apply varnish. If you prefer, you could also cover the scales with clear plastic* for even more protection. Wax the dovetail slots with furniture paste wax.

To use the Calculator, set the amount your recipe calls for on the top scale - over the amount you want on the bottom scale. For example, if the recipe serves eight and you need to fix enough for ten, set the eight over the ten. Now, as you read the recipe, locate the quantity your recipe calls for on the top scale and read the corresponding amount you'll need for your altered recipe on the bottom scale. It's just that simple.

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