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MAR/APR 2003
Volume 46/Issue 2

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Service Pointers
MARK V Service Pointers
- Quill Feed Maintenance

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The MARK V's Quill feed gives you a full 4" of reach when drilling or boring and allows you to make fine adjustments when sanding, sawing, dadoing, routing or performing other operations. It's one of the handiest and most-often used features of your MARK V.

You can make this feature easier to use with the aid of our optional 3-Handle Quill Handle.

In the event you need to repair this Quill-Feed feature, you may have to locate three Allen setscrews that you probably didn't even know existed. The first of these is in the knurled knob at the end of the Spindle. The second in the top of the Headstock...and the third is above the Quill Feed Indicator. They're hard-to-find because we cover them with plastic at the factory to keep them from loosening-up.

Carefully scrape away the plastic with the point of a pen knife or other pointed object or tool. It's quite brittle and should come out easily. When you tighten them down again after performing any required procedure, you can substitute wood putty or plumbers (stainless) putty for the plastic.

Problem Possible Cause(s) Remedy
In-and-out play in the Spindle Simple adjustment Loosen setscrew on knurled Knob. Pull out on Spindle, then push in on Knob and re-tighten setscrew.
Side-to-side play in Spindle Worn or loose Nylon Drive Check Nylon Drive inside Headstock for wear and tightness of fit. If worn, replace.
Quill sticks when extended

Dirty teeth on bottom of Quill


Burrs on Quill or Headstock

Loosen setscrew on top of Headstock and extend the Quill till it disengages. Hold the Quill Lever or it will snap back. Clean the teeth on the Quill and Pinion Shaft with a stiff brush.

Feel for burrs and file down any rough spots.

There's a “click” when the Quill is extended and it will not retract.

Quill Spring disconnected or broken.

Allen Setscrew holding the Quill Spring Housing is not tight.

Loosen the Allen Setscrew above the Quill Feed Indicator and remove the Quill Spring Housing. Check the Spring and re-hook it into position or replace it

Align the notch in the Housing with the Allen Setscrew, retract the Quill and tighten

Quill has a “wobble” Worn Nylon Drive Remove the Quill Assembly and Nameplate from the side. Slide of the Nylon Drive and replace it.