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Real Letters from
Shopsmith Power Tool Owners

Here at Shopsmith, our mailbox is constantly stuffed with great letters from Shopsmith Power Tool Owners, talking about how they use their tools and what they think about them. Here are some excerpts from just a few of the thousands of letters we’ve received from the members of our Shopsmith Family of satisfied owners throughout the years. We hope you’ll enjoy reading them as much as we have.

Maryland man testifies to popularity of used

Dennis Graham of Towson, MD writes...
“I just wanted you to know how lucky I was recently when I found and grabbed a used MARK V. I saw the ad in the paper at 9:00 AM and called immediately. By the time I had arrived, the owner had received 30 phone calls in just two hours! Needless to say, I purchased the unit immediately and am ecstatic to finally be a member of a unique group of proud Shopsmith owners.

Thank you for your excellence in product design and quality. I look forward to a long, rewarding and satisfying relationship. P.S.: The original owner of my Shopsmith had to take his phone off the hook because it wouldn't stop ringing!”

Shopsmith Comment: Although it goes without saying that we'd much rather sell a NEW MARK V to those folks who are interested in “joining the Shopsmith Family” than to have them purchase a used one, we're always happy to welcome the owners of these second-hand machines “into the fold”. And, although there are always some used machines available, by far, the majority of the pass-along MARK V's that are in use today are being used by second, third and even fourth generation woodworkers from the same family. We think that says a lot about what has become one of America's first and strongest “cult classics”. Harley-Davidson...eat your heart out!


Oklahoma teacher prefers MARK V to “industrial” tools

Max Fox of Tulsa, Oklahoma writes...
“I teach instrumental music at the Jr. high school level, but because of declining enrollment, I've had to teach outside of my major area. My knowledge of woodworking and carpentry have made it possible for me to teach industrial arts and woodworking.

We have an excellent woodshop at school, with industrial quality tools, but when it comes to helping one of the kids have real accuracy and turn out a quality project, we go to my house and use my Shopsmith.


Second generation owner builds Airplane with his dad's MARK V

Von Bross of Flackfoot, ID writes...
“Since my father purchased 'our' Shopsmith in June of 1959, it's served two generations of craftsmen without breakdown or failure of the machine these past twenty-plus years.

Since the time of the Shopsmith's uncrating, it has been the main tool in building two garages, one home, and many other smaller projects. I am now using the Shopsmith to build an airplane - yes, that's right. The plane is a home-built F-190 Folke Wulf. It spans 20-feet from wing tip to wing tip. I've used the MARK V extensively in building my plane. I have done everything from cutting the tapered spar caps to cutting the aluminum baffle and drilling the stainless steel firewall on my Shopsmith. I've even used it to fabricate many of my metal parts, which must be built right on the money.

I'm sure our Shopsmith will undoubtedly serve a third generation of craftsmen in the Bross family.”

Shopsmith Comment: As we move into 2003, those of us here in our Dayton, Ohio hometown are smack in the middle of a major celebration of the 100th anniversary of powered flight. As many of you know, we're sure, Dayton was the birthplace of Wilbur and Orville Wright, the two brothers who made the first powered flight in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina in December of 1903.

Nick Engler, former editor of Shopsmith's “Hands-On!” Magazine during the 1980's and well-known woodworking author who has penned over 40 great woodworking books, has used a MARK V (although not solely) to build six Wright replicas over the past few years. Among these is one that is to be flown for 120 feet (the same distance as the Wright's first flight) on the deck of the U.S. aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk this March.

Nick has also spearheaded the development of a 100 by 200 foot pavilion which will feature these six replicas at the 2003 Dayton Air Show this Summer. For more information about this, visit www.wright-brothers.org.