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New Woodworking Technologies

Even though it's one of the oldest pastimes known to man, woodworkers still manage somehow to come up with new ideas and technologies to help us make our work easier and our results more professional-looking. When these new technologies become available, we'll introduce them to you in this column.

The New Woodworking Glues

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As if woodworkers haven't had enough glues to choose from through the years, here are a couple more - one that's been around now for a few years....and another that's much newer.

Although both are 100% waterproof, your choice of which one to use will probably best be made on the basis of one or more of the following factors:

  • Are you joining dissimilar materials together?
  • Do you need more than 10 minutes of “open time” for assembly?
  • Is stainability important to you?

Gorilla Glue™
Gorilla Glue™ is a 100% waterproof polyurethane-based glue. Although it will bond virtually anything to anything...and offers over 20 minutes of open time for parts assembly... it is among the most costly of all glues on the market today.

Gorilla Glue works best when the moisture content of the items being joined is 10% to 25%, so the best bond is usually achieved when you lightly mist the mating surfaces prior to applying the glue. This is especially true when working with kiln-dried lumbers.

It's also important to note that Gorilla Glue will foam and expand as it dries and will stain the remember to use less glue than you would if you were working with more conventional adhesives...and consider wearing rubber gloves during application.

TWO SAFETY NOTES: 1): Some people are skin-sensitive to the compounds in these glues...another reason to wear gloves. 2): Always use in an area with adequate ventilation.

TiteBond™ III
TiteBond™ III
is a polymer-based glue that is 100% waterproof...will bond any porous materials (wood, paper, leather, etc) to one another...and offers 10 minutes of open time for parts assembly. Titebond claims a stronger bond than polyurethane-based glues in wood-to-wood applications.

Titebond III can be applied without the use of gloves, won't foam and expand as it sets up and can be cleaned up easily with water.

Here's a handy table comparing the specifications of each.