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Real Letters from
Shopsmith Power Tool Owners

Here at Shopsmith, our mailbox is constantly stuffed with great letters from Shopsmith Power Tool Owners, talking about how they use their tools and what they think about them. Here are some excerpts from just a few of the thousands of letters we’ve received from the members of our Shopsmith Family of satisfied owners throughout the years. We hope you’ll enjoy reading them as much as we have.

Man uses MARK V to start sideline business for extra cash!
Henry Krolfifer, Monterey, CA writes…
“When I was a wholesale salesman for a large hardware distributor, several of my customers who knew I had a Shopsmith MARK V asked me to build some store-front signs for them.  I tackled them with no regrets, thanks to my MARK V.
One of the signs was 40 feet long with letters cut out of clear, dried redwood.  The MARK V Bandsaw was a real life-saver.  The next sign was 90 feet long with three-foot high letters!  This sideline business helped me raise a good family.
Many people have asked me why I prefer my Shopsmith MARK V over other power tools.  My reply is that it’s versatile, and besides, you have the whole package all in one.  Why would I want anything else?”

MARK V helps minister do “God’s Work”
Keith Pohl of Mason, MI writes…
“I was attending the Grand Rapids Civic Center Home Show when, there, before my eyes, stood a tidy man demonstrating a machine (the Shopsmith MARK V) that I had seen only  in my dreams. I had recently been ordained as a Methodist Minister and quickly learned that if I wanted things fixed in and around the parsonage, I either would have to wait until I was an old man or do the work myself. I had also learned that on my salary, I couldn’t afford separate tools.
But now, there it was . . . right before my eyes -- e pluribus unum -- one out of many.  I wrote a check on-the-spot and when I got it home, my wife wasn’t as enthused.  ‘Where will you put it?’ . . . ‘What do you know about woodworking?’. . . ‘You’ll probably cut off all of your fingers!’
Now, many years have rolled by and many parsonages have come and gone, but I’m still building and fixing, designing and creating.  Any I still have all my fingers !  Never has there been an investment that has proved so practical, so financially sound, and so relaxingly different from my daily routine.”

Retired Ohio man uses MARK V to bring joy to his life
Dick Dirrman of Mentor, OH writes…
“….Several years ago, I contracted TB and found that I had to take early retirement at 62 after having fought the disease for some three years.  During that time, I turned to woodworking to take care of the hours at hand.  My wife works for a local government and one day, the widow of a school guard came to City Hall to seek help in filling out some benefit forms.
In the course of a conversation, the widow mentioned (to my wife) that her husband had been an avid woodworker and that she was looking to sell all of his Shopsmith equipment. My wife was overjoyed…and asked the lady to have her family affix a price to all of the equipment and call.  About a week later, the lady came to the office and told us the amount. We were ecstatic and the lady and her family were overjoyed, too.
Since that time, I spend 8 hours a day, 6 days a week in my shop and have made many beautiful things. Grandfather clocks, mantel clocks, quilt racks, tables (all potential heirlooms), toys and more . . . for my family and extended family at church. I sell nothing.
We’re grateful that we were able to secure the Shopsmith and know that we’ll have many good years with it . . . and that our children will benefit greatly by it.